There are two different ways to register a NOW account and log in with it : 

- by using an email address and password set up

- by using a Facebook account or an Apple account

When you create your account using the standard email and password set up, please make sure to use a valid email address and a password that you are likely to remember.

In case you use Facebook or Apple to register your NOW account, you won't need to set up a password for it as the Facebook account (or Apple ID) is being used to log in directly into the NOW app. Please check if you are logged in with the right account in the Facebook app (or the right Apple ID under your i Cloud Settings), then open the NOW app and tap the corresponding button to log in. You should be able to access your NOW account on any supported device as long as you use the correct credentials to log in.

Please reach out to our support team if you need any help recovering your account: